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Ultimate Auto Spare Parts LLC is leader in Automotive spares parts in Middle East. We have more than 50,000 spare parts of different brands like Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Daewoo, Ford and Mazda. Besides the supply chain that we have in UAE, we also exports spare parts and accessories to a number of dealers in other countries like Oman, Libya, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, Bahrain, Seychelles, Bulgaria, Qatar, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. Our products that we supply are have resulted in satisfactory outcomes.

ENGINE PARTS-Piston, piston rings, piston liners, main & Conn. bearings, valves etc -

GEAR PARTS-Gear wheels, bearings, shafts, synchronizers, shifters, locks, etc-
CLUTCH PARTS-Clutch plates, clutch covers, release bearings, clutch forks etc.-
GASKETS-E/N overhaul kits, valve cover gaskets, chamber gaskets, etc.-
SUSPENSION PARTS-Ball joints, tie rod ends, lower arms, idler arms, pitman arms, etc.-
DAMPERS-Gas & hydraulic shocks, bonnet shocks, dickey dampers, etc.-
STEERING PARTS - Steering couplings, steering joints, steering links, p/s parts, etc.-
DRIVE PARTS -C.V. joints, drive shafts, universal bearings, center bearings, etc. -
HYDRAULIC PARTS -BMC Kits, CMC kits, COC kits, wheel cylinder kits, caliper kits, etc. -
IGNITION PARTS - Plug wires, Delco caps, Delco rotors, ignition coils, switches, etc.-
A/C PARTS-Compressors, evaporators, receivers, exp: valves, switches, etc.-
ELECTRICAL PARTS-Voltage regulators, IC regulators, flashers, relays, sensors, etc.-
RUBBER PARTS-Axle boots, steering boots, shock boots, tie rod boots, etc.-
BODY PARTS-All kinds of lights, windshield glasses, side mirrors, moldings, etc.-

BUSHES-Spring bushes, shock bushes, lower & upper arm bushes, etc.-

BEARINGS -Wheel bearings, bearing cones, needle bearings, a/c bearings, etc. -

OIL SEALS-Wheel seals, valve seals, engine seals, gear seals, etc.-

BRAKE PARTS-Brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake drums, etc. -

HOSES-Radiator hoses, air hoses, fuel hoses, brake & clutch hoses, etc. -

PUMPS-Water pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps, p/s pumps etc.-

MOUNTINGS-Engine mountings, gear mountings, shock mountings, etc.-

BELTS -Timing belts, fan belts, dynamo belts, a/belts, p/smelts etc.-

FANS -A/C fans, radiator fans, fan motors, fan leafs, fan clutches etc.-

SILENCER PARTS-Mufflers, tailpipes, silencer gaskets, silencer rings, etc. -

CABLES -Accelerator cables, clutch cables, speedometer cables, etc.-

SWITCHES-Oil pressure switches, temp switches, thermo switches etc.-

HEAVEY ELECTRICAL PARTS-Starters, dynamos, alternators, starter solenoids, etc.-

BULBS-Sealed beams, halogen bulbs, dashboard bulbs, roof bulbs etc.-

BATTERIES-Lead acid types (normal), dry type, maintenance free types etc.-

FASTENERS-Wheel nut & bolts, manifold studs, U clamps, nut bolts etc.-

WIPER PARTS-Wiper blades, wiper arms, wiper nozzles, wiper tanks, etc-

HANDLES-Door handles, inner handles, dickey handles, mirror handles, etc.-

SERVICE PARTS-Spark plugs, contact points, condensers etc. -

FILTERS-Oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, bypass filters, gear filters etc.-

LUBRICANTS-Engine oils, gear oils, auto transmission fluids, greases etc.-

CAR CARE PRODUCTS-Waxes, polishes, car shampoos, degreasers, spray paints etc. -

ACCESSORIES-Fog lamps, horns, wheel caps, car mats, air pumps, gauges etc. -

TOOLS-Wheel spanners, Hydraulic jacks, ring compressors, pullers, etc. -


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